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08/23/2018 - 9AM Cheeca View- Molasses Reef CheecaView [Horizon Divers] 24
Time: 9AM
Price: $80.00 per person

Molasses is an extensive reef complex with diving depths from about 10 feet to more than 70. At depths ranging from 10-40 feet, Molasses Reef features high profile spur and groove coral formations. At 40-60 feet down, seaward sand chutes separate a gently sloping hard flat bottom adorned by hard and soft corals, along with a variety of sponges. The "drop-off" begins in the 50-60 foot range, and extends downward at various angles to the 70-100 foot range. Excellent drift diving can be found here.

Molasses Reef - Life on Molasses Reef                            Molasses Reef - Molasis Reef