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07/28/2020 - 9 AM - Cheeca View - Benwood CheecaView [Horizon Divers] 2
Time: 9AM
Price: $85.00 per person

One of the most popular wreck spots on Elbow Reef is the City of Washington. This schooner turned steamship was built in 1877 with two masts and a small engine. The wreck is greatly deteriorated, although the hull and keel shapes are still visible. Debris spans an area 325 feet in length. The shallow depths make City of Washington a great spot for snorkeling and for night dives. Marine life is abundant. Divers may spot black grouper and many tropicals. The barracuda, morays, and nurse sharks that hang out in the coral that has grown in the washout under the wreck have been hand-fed for many years and have very little fear of divers.